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Finding your Joy!

  • 49Days
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In this program you will learn how to eliminate the things that weighs you down , and how to incorporate things that inspires you and gives you Joy . You will develop insight into why you respond the way you do, and where it comes from. You will discover yourself, get to know who you are. Sometimes it is not all about knowing it all and doing it all right - sometimes it is just a matter of staying true to yourself and your core values and be congruent with what you believe in, what you stand for. You must finish one level before you can enter the next. Be honest , this is your journey to your own joy, only what you decide to do or change matters. You must show up for yourself. If you do not like what you are getting out of life and relationships, change what you do, you are not a rock. Daily little decisions will change your life . Take one step at a time . Do little things each day to create your Joy, it will take time for your brain to get used to the new happy version of you. I hope you enjoy this journey ! Your habits will shape you , choose them wisely. Every day is a good day to be Joyful. You cannot always choose what happens, but you can choose ow you respond to it. Take moments of self care , meditate, read, pray, take a bubble bath, whatever you like - do it regularly. Embrace your emotions, they matter- don’t hide them or try to suppress them, say how you feel and be honest.

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