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Art Adventure


This Online Art Adventure are for those who LOVE art and feels attracted to it but do not really know where to start. We will explore all different mediums and make awesome gifts, cards, paintings, drawings, sculptures and so much more. When you become an art adventure member you can expect to be spoiled ! Every quarter you will receive a surprise gift in the mail . You can progress at your own pace, there is no deadlines and you can watch them over and over again. My hope is that this program will provide the art adventure for you that you have always been looking for . Everyone can ART , if they let the self judgement go and just play. Give yourself permission to explore regardless of what the end result looks like. If you follow the instructions step by step there is no reason why your art should mot be beautiful. Don’t compare your art to anyone else. Just experience and appreciate your own journey .

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Art Adventure, CA$100/month


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