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Why Healing Art Helps where nothing else does.

When engaging in art activities, it alters brainwaves without you even noticing - switching from Gamma waves to Alpha waves - a more relaxing , state where your brain has a larger ability to create and design , what is important is the dopamine release of what I call” happy juices” -

Art is a language of the soul - without words it communicates the whispers of your heart and soul.

You can relax because only you really knows what the words are - unless you share them.

This kind of art needs no experience .

It only needs a willing spirit to allow yourself to go in that space where you can just play and explore without judgement.

It flows with colours, lines, shapes, textures and images or whatever you allow yourself to explore with .

It engages you in a timeless activity that removes you “ mentally “ from this world and lets you wonder in a world where time and space don’t exist . Only you , your art supplies, your curious discovering spirit and if you would allow it some calming music of your choice , maybe a candle light or essentials oil diffuser with some of your favourite fragrances, a snack , a cup of tea or any drink you enjoy to relax- and sometimes even company - if you can find a friend or therapist to go into that “ sacred space” with you .

Healing Art helps with healing trauma, unresolved grieving issues, de- stress and anxiety related issues, self esteem , loneliness, chaos, life transitions and pre - surgery stress related issues and post - surgery healing as well as so many more others not listed here .

I find it so hard to explain to people exactly what I do - because it is rather an experience that everyone enjoys differently. All I can say - is that it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Try it out ! You have nothing to loose but a LOT to gain ! I Offer one free first healing art session, for you to make out if this is something that you would want to explore further.

Book your initial consult online - and add a NOTE to say if you would be interested in exploring healing art as well ! I hope to see you soon !

Positive Creative Blessings to you ❤️

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