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Trauma Recovery

This was the hardest month for me since the flood of 2013. During the flood a lot of the community members experienced the same kind of trauma, conversations consisted of sharing experiences and supporting each other.On the 1st of August our farm house burnt down while we were attending to the farmers market in High River to sell our produce that we harvested on the farm from our Tilapia Aquaponics Greenhouse. On our way to the farm we struggled to comprehend how this event will effect our lives,all the thoughts of worry sabotaged our brains until we arrived and even though we tried to prepare ourselves, the shock and devastation really got to us. We lost 48 of our Pure Bred Breeding pairs. All our packaging,office supplies as well as everything my son gathered in his 30 years of existence on earth. We have experienced so many losses in our lives, but this one was very hard.We encouraged ourselves with the comfort of knowing we still have each other, and God is still with us and with that we can survive anything. We took the weekend to grieve and comfort each other. The community has been so supportive, neighbors really helped out with water supplies,food,clothing and financial help through our facebook fundraiser page and Go Fundme Account. ( link Below ) I took August slow, I took a lot of self care and family time. I struggled to get my creative juices flowing, and the fresh triggers of sadness caught me off-guard in so many situations. The struggle to recover financially is real and very stressful, i spend a LOT of time praying and just trusting that God will provide in our needs. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who shared our link and supported us in so many ways and still supporting us. Thank You for becoming part of our legacy in providing food to Alberta clean and free of harmful substances. Thank You for praying, encouraging us and supporting us in so many different ways to stand up from these ashes and try again. We love our community and we honor each gift as a blessing from God Himself. He uses people to serve each other . We just hope and pray that in a short little while we will stand strong again to give back again to this community who have carried us through a very difficult time.

Please keep your eyes on our Farm Facebook Page and Website to stay tuned with our rebuild and progress :

September is with us in it's full fall Glory and Creativity will once again flow from the Healing Art Studio. Thank You for supporting Art@Aswan and Therefore enabling me to create our livelihood and support my family with their basic needs.

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