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De-Stress Workshops for Adults

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Are you stressed out ? Are you working to hard , no time to play - in a crunch , no time for holiday?

This workshop is for YOU !

Allow yourself to Play !

Give Permission to put your “child hat” on just for a bit.

Enjoy the freedom to create and the positive creative energy to flow through you veins - experience the deep relaxation it brings. It is Powerful !

Create your own de-stress workshop. Invite your closest friends,work team or family.

Just Allow 2 Hours , In your home , office or My Studio or another chosen venue of your choice.

No Art Experience is necessary. Just a willing spirit.

I will provide everything you need. Just register your workshop with me via Email : Subject : Create my Own Workshop.

Give me the details of what you want to address, and how many will attend with ages and abilities. We will customize your workshop to your needs.

Looking forward to meeting you !!

Take action now!

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