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The Entrepreneur

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You are the Boss! In this self paced course you will discover where to start and how to take your dream to reality ! To be an Entrepreneur in Alberta , Canada is possible, doable and exciting! Who can benefit from this course : Any Adult, who wants to start a small business. In this Course you will learn : 1. What kind of business you want to establish. 2. Step by step instructions to follow to go from employee or unemployed to Business Owner . 3. What legalities to consider in your Specific Country or region. 4. How to establish your ideal client . 5. Where and how to advertise. 6. Roadmap to guarantee success. 7. Having fun doing it all ! Access and discount to 1. Every Breath you take : Time Management 2. Wheel of Life Art Therapy Workshop Ongoing support and Inspiration with Free Website Membership !

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