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Covid-19 Protocol 

E-Therapy is now a permanent option for those who struggle with health or mobility issues . 

Online Art Instruction for Adults and Children


With in Person online classes, it is the same as being in my studio . 

You see what I do , I see what you do , and I guide you during your process. It is interactive , fun and easy to do . 

Online E-Therapy :

I use a Secure Online Consulting Room,

only me and you or whoever else you choose to be with, a parent or partner or friend. Minor Children( under 16) needs permission form a parent or legal guardian.

How it works : 

  1. Before I can help, I need to make an assessment of what is going on for you and if I am the right person to help you.If I am not,I would refer you to the right professional.

  2. You will need to fill in my Intake Form, which is a Confidential Clinical Document with some medical and personal background info.

  3. This will help you save time and money,and will give me enough background to know if I am a good fit for you.

  4. Once I  read your info , I will send you a Live Zoom Link. You can use a phone, tablet or laptop. You can Log in and meet me in my Consult room, where I will do a clinical assessment and discuss  treatment plan options. 

  5. If you agree, we will commence treatment by planning a schedule.

If you want to explore this option , Click on the Button below, and start the process.

No Hidden costs , no Obligation. 

A  Creative Passionate Counselling Professional

My Story 

Profile Pic.jpg

I was born and Raised in South Africa. I understand  Trauma Experiences.

I Arrived in Canada as a landed immigrant in 2008 and became a citizen in 2016 , I studied since I arrived and became a registered  counselor in 2013.

Today I am Proud to be Registered  Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling overseen by CPCA .( Canadian Professional Counselors Association ) #3810

I specialize in Trauma Informed Clinical Counselling

using Art ,Crafts and Music as Mediums to Healing: 

Disconnection& Stress Management,

Entrepreneurial  stress & clarity. 

Post Trauma Experiences , Identity crisis, 

 Relationships and Family Therapy.

A.D.H.D.  and related issues.

I own a private Practice in High River, Alberta .I am also Mobile.

 I serve Clients in Calgary and foothills Area. 

 Do you feel anxious, stressed,sad or lost?

I am here to encourage ,guide and support you on this Creative Journey to Healing and Self Discovery.

I give Nurturing Guidance while teaching you to listen to the whispers of your Soul.

I help you to find your voice and Trust your journey.

I offer Healing Art ,Music,sandbox therapy as an alternative to help you relax, escape the world and to live  mindfully and with intention, but it is up to you to choose.

Join me today in this  Creative Journey to

   True Happiness !

Healing Starts by reaching out when you struggle with painful emotions caused by trauma experiences.

Stress and Anxiety or depression can be the result of unprocessed trauma experiences.

Sometimes talking  about it is hard.

Healing  Art  is a Soul Language, where images, shapes and colors expresses your emotions.

Helping you heal and prepare to live a healthy happy Life!

New Release : Natured Based 
Trauma Therapy


Choose your Journey:

To Book your Journey just Click on the pictures below . 
Rock in Sand


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